I was born during the year 2000, to two loving parents that showered me with love and attention whenever I wanted it. Growing up in Bromley, UK, I was accustomed to the cold and dreary environment, but my parents’ love for travelling developed on me. Throughout my years I have traveled and lived in England, Brazil and Australia, and have traveled to Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Finland, Singapore, Dubai in the UAE, New Zealand and Fiji. As I grow older, I aim to travel to many more countries and spend more time in my home countries.

I started this blog so I could connect with numerous people around the world, as I love socialising with many different cultures and social structures. My love for the friends I haven’t met yet fuels my confidence as I can easily talk to people in the streets and restaurants (I have my mother to blame for that trait!). I hope this can be a place where people can be inspired to travel and see the world in a new perspective. I hope you are one of these lovely humans x