Koh Phi Phi

An early start to a Saturday morning meant that my family and I were about to embark on a day trip to a very special place in Thailand: Koh Phi Phi. This island was made famous by the adventure novel and film, The Beach, and both give intricate accounts to the serene beauty of the island.

Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Beach

Our trip began with an hour-long bus ride to the marina, which was accompanied by the driver’s awful choice of cover music and my dad snoring. At the marina, the group from our resort climbed onto a boat that would take us to Maya Bay. The boat ride was boring, but looking at the multicolored fish (and sharks!) in the reef and the grand rock formations protruding from the water made it a spectacular memory. Our guide informed us that this was one of the best days to go on the trip, and that we were lucky to arrive at Maya Bay so early as it was usually swarmed with tourists capturing the beauty of the bay with their cameras. Understandably, I was one of those tourists.


2017-07-01 14.22.11.jpg
Maya Bay from the boat

The turquoise color of the water, the towering rock sides and the long tail boats that decorated the shores made this picturesque scenery unforgettable. I made sure to take a swim in the shallow water, my spirits dampened as I tried to avoid the plastic that swam with me. I made sure to remove as much of the rubbish from the water to make it nicer for the next tourist, and for the fish to be a little bit safer in their aquatic environment.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

After our stop at Maya Bay, our group got back onto the boat and we travelled to the main part of the island where we would go snorkeling and have lunch. On route, we went past Monkey Bay, where we were entertained by the monkeys jumping into the water to collect the pineapple pieces we threw at them. We then went past Viking Cave, an area that harvests edible birds nests, and then to an area where we did some snorkeling. Chasing the parrot fish and diving down to see the anemones and urchins was an experience I don’t want to forget. Our guide brought us to the main part of the island and we were invited to a lovely seafood lunch, and afterwards we boarded the boat and enjoyed a bumpy ride home due to the oncoming storm.

2017-07-01 14.18.342017-07-01 14.45.352017-07-01 14.47.12


I will always recommend this trip to people visiting Thailand, as it is one I will certainly try to do again in my lifetime,

Hope everyone enjoyed their winter break as much as mine.

-Imogen x


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