Noosa, Queensland

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Picnic Cove, Noosa National Park

During the Easter holidays, my mother, friend and I traveled to Noosa which is in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The drive was long and boring, as we listened to my mums wedding playlist that was a mixture of awful 80’s tracks and songs in different languages. I read some of my poetry books, Bitter Sweet Love by Michael Faudet and A Brilliant Madness by Robert M. Drake. Our stay lasted for 7 days, which was more than enough time to indulge in the lifestyle of Noosa. However, during our stay, we were struck with the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie, which suspended our days activities and constricted us to watch lousy television shows in the room. I hope you find my following reviews helpful and can influence your stay in this lovely location.

Noosa Main Beach

Accomodation: During our time in Noosa, we stayed in the Ocean Breeze Resort which was located right on Hastings Street. There were two convenient entrances directly next to two different restaurants, Betty’s Burgers and Gaston’s. The Ocean Breeze has many different rooms with multiple levels. The room that we stayed in was on the bottom floor, right next to the main entrance. This location was rather inconvenient, as we had to endure the noise from the frequent guests constantly entering and leaving the resort. Our one bedroom apartment was rather cramped and claustrophobic, causing us to always want to leave. The furniture was outdated and the bed was lumpy (it was hard to get a good nights rest), and the people upstairs sounded like they were rearranging the room all the time. The amenities in this resort were satisfactory, however I found the gym quite small and the hot tub was broken during our stay. The highlight of it was the heated pool; my friend and I stayed in there for hours, playing games with the other children in the resort. I hope you can find this review helpful.

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Picnic Cove, Noosa National Park

Food: The numerous restaurants along Hastings Street indulged our ever-growing hunger. On our first night, we ate at Zachary”s Pizza Bar. We found the restaurant rather noisy, as there was nothing in that could contain the noise. I found my anger rising as I wanted to yell at the people on the table at the far end, as the young girls celebrating a birthday were unsupervised and constantly beating a Peppa Pig balloon. Our meals were mediocre and due to the noise, there was a slight mishap which altered the size of our meals.

We had lunch at Betty’s Burgers and whilst my friend ogled at the attractive waiters, I anxiously waited for my food. My burger was average, the meat tasted bland and gave me stomach pains afterward. On contrast, the milkshakes were amazing, and tasted just like ice-cream. The fries and sauce was also delightful and filled me up.

Cafe La Monde was the perfect destination for every meal. We indulged in a beautiful breakfast (for me it’s Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon) and dinners throughout our stay, and for a reasonable price.

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Fairy Pools, Noosa National Park

Activities: There are many activities to do in Noosa. My friend and I experienced the beautiful coastal walk at the national park and found the Fairy Pools, which is the local hang out spot. Due to Cyclone Debbie, the water was not crystal clear as it is usually depicted, but when I travel to Noosa again I will be sure to check it out.

As the water is so calm on Noosa Main Beach, my friend and I participated in the popular water activity, Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It proved an easy activity as we paddled out far, but tackling the wind as we made our way back proved to be a challenge. My mother decided to hitch a ride on my board which caused a great strain on my muscles and that pain was felt when I finished the activity.

Hastings Street is filled with a range of different clothing shops, which is sure to empty your accounts as the beauty of the designer brands. As I am quite frugal, I did not spend any money but my mind jumped as I imagined myself wearing the unique outfits that were in the shops.

IMG_6654Enjoy your stay at Noosa, and I hope you love it just as much as I do xxx


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